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Confirmed Exhibitors

Abeid Custom Tube Amplifiers

Abeid Custom was founded by engineer and musician Omar Abeid Júnior.

Acoustic Art

Company specialized in high level sound insulation.

Aslan Guitars

Aslan Guitars is a brand that manufactures handmade guitars and basses

AG Percussíon

AG Percusión is a Brazilian brand (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) of hand-made percussion instruments, which makes an instrument unique and special! Created by musician and luthier Alessandro “Alejo”.

ASK Suportes

ASK is a pioneer in the quality of stands for musical instruments.

Attack, Mark Audio, Wireconex, ATK, Vosstorm

Since May 1986 Attack Audio System has been developing and manufacturing professional audio equipment.

Batera Clube

Batera Clube was founded in 2003, being the 1st online drum shop in Brazil.

Bully Straps

Handmade leather musical instrument straps!

Carrozza Guitars

Created by people passionate about music, Carrozza Custom Guitars is the materialization of a dream.

Customy Pickups

Customy makes amazing pickups for amazing guitarists!

deOliveira Bass

deOliveira is recognized as one of the best double bass luthiers in the country.

Alice, Astel, Cherub, Deval, NUX, Phantom

Deval is the largest Brazilian tuner manufacturer and importer.

Dylan Microphones, Roxtone Cables and Accessories

Dylan was founded in 1996, as pioneers in the import and distribution of quality microphones.

EFR Eletronics

Wah and volume pedals for musical instruments.

Emerhand Custom Guitars

Always looking for timbres and sound, Emerhand is pure quality.

Ewa Guitars

The newest stringed instrument brand in Brazil.

Smart, Soundvoice, Spectrum, Spring

GB Musical is recognized for having a high turnover product mix, with the best cost-benefit on the market.


Giannini, a company with 120 years of being part of Brazilian music.


Guitartech is a company focused on custom technology for pedalboards, sources and effects/pedals manufacturing.

Gutti Guitar Picks

Gutti is the leading company in the manufacture of premium picks in Brazil.

Heag Luthieria

Heag makes exquisite, high-quality instruments for demanding musicians.

Ibox Music

Our aim is to help artists in their natural environment, the stage, without trying to compete for the public’s attention and accompany them wherever they go, so our motto is with you on stage.


IDG is a global digital collectibles company specializing in the creation of NFTs, Memorabilia, and Fan Experience content.

Crafter, DLP, DunLop, Dolphin, Dominante, Dominante Concert, Dominant Orchestral Elixir, Encore, Ernie Ball, Hercules, Izzo, Juno, Kalani, Neutrik, Nomad, Nova, Rean Conectores, Remo, São Gonçalo, SG, Timbra, Vandoren, Vic Firth, Winner, Zildjian

Izzo Instumentos Musicais is one of the largest importers and manufacturers in Brazil.

Vogga Instrumentos Musicais

With a varied mix of products, Vogga perfectly serves the artist at all stages of his career.

Tagima Guitars

Tagima is a reference in the market, competing on equal terms with the most renowned international brands.

Lopes Capas

Lopes Capas is one of the most popular brands of covers for musical instruments in Brazil.

Lyco Microphones

Lyco is one of the most popular microphone brands in Brazil.

La Música

Libra Guitars

Guitars with classical inspiration and contemporary design.

Kato Store Special cables

Kato combines passion and state-of-the-art materials for the construction of its cables.

Made in Madeira

Made in Madeira is a supplier of premium woods for musical instruments.

Michael Musical Instruments

Since 1999, a. Michael knows the importance of developing musical instruments with excellence 

Mariutti Team

Luis Eduardo Mariutti Pereira, baixista de Heavy Metal, nascido dia 22 de março de 1971, na cidade de São Paulo. Integrante original das banda Angra e Shaman, realizou mais de 1.500 shows em 24 países. Atualmente é integrante da bandas: Dirty DogzSinistra e Shaman

D’Addario, Evans, D’Addario WoodWinds, Pro Mark, D’Addario Acessories, Yamaha, D’Addario Orchestral, Bose, Gibraltrar, Samson, PureSound, Hartke, On-Stage, Moani, Boomwhackers, Spirit

Musical Express is recognized as one of the leading audio and accessories distribution companies.

Musical Core

An importer and exporter of musical instruments and accessories.

NIG Music

One of the most active brands of strings and effect pedals for musical instruments.

Nobre Tok Cajón

The fastest-growing Cajon factory in Brazil. Class A products!

Odery Drums, Bronz Cymbals, Carlsbro

Odery Drums is the most recognized Brazilian drum brand worldwide.

Oversound Group

Today, the Oversound Speakers, Nordik, OVX Speakers and StudioXPro brands are part of the OVER SOUND Group; each one with its own performance profile and different strategies, but all with commitment, quality, and passion for music.

Opus Music

Furniture for digital pianos, custom benches.


ONErpm gives musicians and labels access to digital music stores and services such as iTunes, Rdio, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music, Deezer, eMusic, YouTube, Napster and others

Pad Gorilla

Pads, dampers, butterflies, and lots of amazing drum accessories.

Pro Audio Solutions

Pro Audio Solutions is an exclusive B2B distributor and reseller of the Tascam, ADAM Audio, SSL, Laney and HH Electronics brands.

Pedrone Amplificadores

Our constant search for innovation and quality led to the development of models with features hitherto unheard of in the domestic market.

PHX Instrumentos, Samba Music, PHX Mini, Mustang, Music, Serenna, Sunset, Skill, Camerata, J.White, Eclipse, Traveller

PHX values ​​the quality and excellence of its products, the instrument is the greatest expression of our essence and makes us work to always improve.

Someco, SKP, Budda, Targa,  Telefunken, ProBass

Someco is an official distributor of the SKP PRO AUDIO, NOVIK NEO, TELEFUNKEN, PRO BASS, PEAVEY, CREST AUDIO, MEDIA MATRIX, BUDDA, and TARGA brands.

Spanking, Pro Fire, Myth, Namaste, Vanguard

Wood Work is responsible for Spanking, recognized as the best drumstick in Brazil, and its other brands.

PZ Audio, Boombox

An import and distributor of sound equipment, founded in 2007 in Shanghai, China, the company operates in several market segments.

RCK Audio

The fastest growing store in Brazil will sell its products on Conecta+!

Rigotti Brasil

The best bamboo picks in the world, now at Conecta+ Música & Market.

Antares, Cadenza, Class Guitar, Concert Classical Instruments, D-One, Gretsch, Karsect, LP, Orleans Harmonicas, Overtone, Premium, Strinberg, Takamine, Vivace, Vokal, Zeus, Staner, STR Amps, Star Sound, Eros

The Renaer Group is one of the most solid business groups in the music market in Brazil.

Ronsani Guitars

Taking the importance of the instrument and opening the way for the dissemination of the Ukulele in Brazil, we were the first company to innovate, expanding the offer and providing diversity in quality ukuleles.

Rox Stage

Roxtage is one of the leading premium cabinet manufacturers in the country.

Rozini guitars

The highest quality in mass-produced acoustic instruments.

Souza Lima Conservatório

Souza Lima is an institution founded by Antônio Mário da Silva Cunha, one of the greatest entrepreneurs in music education in the country.

S. Martyn Guitars

High quality double basses, made with modern techniques.

Smithers Audio

Premium transformers for amplifiers.

Rockett Pedals

Californian boutique pedal brand.

Takamine Guitars

Takamine is the most representative brand in Brazilian music today

Stay Music Stands

The most exquisite and efficient keyboard support in the country.

Schaffiman Captadores

Schaffiman Pickups produce one of the finest contact pickups for instruments.

Ashdown, Standard, Solar, Bartoline, Studebaker, Tom Sawyer, STD Audio, Atlanti Guitars

The newest factory and importer of musical instruments on the market.

Torky Luthieria

Torky is a luthieria franchise. Made for those looking to expand their business.

VTR Effects Pedals

Effects pedals of very high performance and technology.

VS Tuners

Tuners made like jewels. National manufacture, very high quality.

Old Custom Relic Guitar

Custom relic guitars made for guitarists to be amazed by the beauty and sound!

Xtreme Ears

First Brazilian manufacturer of in-ear return headphones and pioneer in customizable versions, chosen by musicians such as Anitta, Elba Ramalho, Paula Fernandes, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Wesley Safadão, Criolo, Dinho Ouro Preto, among many others.< /p>

Wood Guitars

Wood Guitars is one of the renowned double bass brands in Brazilian luthieria.

Yamaha Musical Do Brasil Ltda.

Yamaha is the leading musical instrument brand in the world.

Drums Zé Benedito

Drums of all types, for all sounds.


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